Competitors are Trying to Steal the Success of NutriMost

NutriMost is suing a competing company called Healthy Living for stealing one of its promotional videos. The video was formally on the NutriMost website, but was allegedly stolen and placed on, which is the site belonging to Healthy Living.

 Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

While the video was kept mostly intact when placed on Healthy Living’s website, including testimonials for NutriMost, the video replaced mention of Nutrimost with Can’t Lose Diet references.

According to court papers filed in Manhattan Federal Court, Healthy Living didn’t remove the video after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from NutriMost. Instead of removing the video, they simply replaced it with a shorter version.

NutriMost is seeking a court order that will force Healthy Living to pay $300,000 and keep them from posting the video again. NutriMost is demanding that amount due to the theft, but also the loss of their reputation.

The Nutrimost program involves eating organically, which keeps harmful chemicals from entering the body. They recommend finding options in the local grocery store that are grown with approved substances.

Much of the program is about learning to understand a person’s body. When dieting, prepackaged meals or shakes can be detrimental to a body that doesn’t react well to them. With NutriMost, the person is learning the right types of foods and includes a scan to find out what foods are best for weight loss.

While the program advocates more vegetables, it also helps the person understand what kinds of fruits and vegetables contain good sugars. Once a person understands their body as well as the right sugars and the right foods, NutriMost claims they will lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days.

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Makari Leading the way with Skin Whitening Creams

Makari is a skin care, hair care and cosmetic company that is based in Switzerland where the products are manufactured. Its higher end beauty products are geared to women of color. A great deal of their products contain highly nourishing and natural ingredients such as argan oil, vitamins and carrot extract.

Makari has several products that lighten darker skin tones such as exfoliating scrubs, skin toners and moisturizing day and night creams. Customers who wish to lighten skin will find a variety of products that they will find effective without harsh bleaches or chemicals. In addition to catering to lightening skin tones, Makari has a full line of cosmetics to bring out and enhance African American facial features. Lipsticks, foundation and eye shadows and liners are just some of the beauty products featured available in a variety of tones and shades to match any darker complexion.

Additionally, Makari has skin care products that not only indulge darker tones, but enhance moisturization. Lightening skin creams and evening out skin tones is a major feature of Makari’s products. However, many products are available to simply enhance, tone and firm the skin like other cosmetic products. Makari specializes in darker complexions because no other high end beauty products in existence address dark skin with such an array of high quality products. These products are developed and manufactured with high quality standards. Ingredients straight from nature are purified and included in all skincare, makeup, and hair care products they sell.

Newer products now include exfoliating bar soap, extreme carrot and argan lotions and creams and skincare sets. Sets include toners and moisturizers to meet the needs of dry or blemish prone skin. Several products are available to lighten dark tones and reduce brown spots that age skin. Finally, there is pampering and enriching skin care and lightening products exclusively for you, the beautiful dark beauties of the world.

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Leaders in Medical Advantage Plans: InnovaCare

Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Medicare Private Health plans provide more benefits than that of original Medicare does. Medicare Advantage plans have a contract With the federal government. This allows for payment to be a fixed amount per person to provide extra Medicare benefits.

The most common types of Medicare Advantage plans are with Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, and Private Fee for Service according to Rick Shinto. There are of course more, but these are the most popular. with Medicare Advantage plans, additional benefits may include routine vision or dental care. If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, then remember that you do still have Medicare. With a Medicare Advantage plan, you will still pay for your monthly part B premium. If you have a part A premium, you will still be required to pay that monthly as well. Every Medicare Advantage plan must offer and provide all part A and part B services. These are services that were offered by original Medicare. Medicare Advantage can, however, change the rules that determine how you receive care. This can include costs and restrictions. Understanding your Medicare advantage is important to ensure that you are getting all the benefits and best coverage that is available to you.

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Qualifying for a Medicare Advantage plan is not as hard as you may think. If you have Medicare Advantage part A and part B or if you live in a plan’s service area then you qualify. Something that can disqualify you is if you have end-stage renal disease. Although specific plans like the special needs plan can accommodate for this.

InnovaCare Healthcare provides and delivers managed health care services. They provide two convenient ways of health care. One of those includes Medicare advantage. InnovaCare offers quality health care that is sustainable and costs effective. With advanced technology, InnovaCare is able to deliver healthcare that is redefined in today’s complex health care environment.

InnovaCare Health believes that patients come first and that their patients should get quality medical care. InnovaCare differs from other Medicare Advantage plans in that they have a strong patient to provider relationship that makes for innovative practices and a stellar network of professionals according to Penelope Kokkinides. InnovaCare is the leading provider of healthcare that not only meets a person’s needs but also their emotional health and well-being.

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Becoming a Real Financial Expert

Brad Reifler is a financial expert who can prove it when it comes to investing. Brad Reifler noticed a problem when it came to middle class people investing. He realized that they were not accredited by the Federal government. He sought to help middle class investors invest wisely after he lost money that he had invested for his daughters college fund. Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College with a degree in Economics and Political Science, and then went on to found Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982. His goal was to educate middle class people on the benefits of investing. Reifler would start several new companies such as Pali Capital and Forefront Capital. He acted as a broker dealer that focused on equity markets. He was incredibly successful and he managed to accrue over one billion in commission income. Today, Reifler has used his company to start Forefront Income Trust Initiative.

This company allows non-accredited members of middle class to invest quarterly with minimized risk.
Brad Reifler makes sure that the investor comes first when he invests other peoples money. He does not take any management fees and he doesn’t start earning a commission until the investor has made back eight percent of the money invested. Brad Reifler focuses on helping the people referred to as the 99 percent. The class of American people who are considered the middle class and have no accreditation from the government. An investment of 2500 is all that it takes to start earning your money back if you invest in Brad Reifler’s company.  Follow him on Twitter @BradleyR.

Eric Pulier Started Rolling The Ball For Success Early On

Eric Pulier is know for his technological background and talents as well as his innovation for new software. On top of this, he is a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, and philanthropist who is recognized around the world. Today, he is a Chief Executive at Stemulis, a position he recently started on in the middle of 2015.

The real start to Eric Pulier’s career was in elementary school when he was learning to encode computers and program. All throughout school, Eric was demonstrating his impressive talent for technology, especially when he launched his only database business during high school. After finishing out high school in New Jersey, Eric went on to study at the prestigious Harvard University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree.

As a specialist in technology, Eric Pulier has successfully co founded or founded more than a dozen different companies. He has a host of different titles among different board memberships, such as Chief Technology Officer of Santa Monica Media, Chairman at US Interactive, and Executive Chairmen at Logic Library and Soa Software.

Pulier is an active philanthropist and has continually worked to create the needed solutions for less fortunate areas around the United States as well as internationally. Eric even made generous contributions to pioneer a private schooling network known as the Starlight Foundation.

As a member for the Clinton Global Initiatives, Eric also took action by starting off a project to start using networks of remote servers that are hosted on the internet to gather data, called cloud computing. This is much better than using local servers or supplying single computers to communities that are under-served. He also worked with the US Doctors for Africa by bringing in advancements to the health maintenance and improving the overall medical services available within Africa. An even more impressive show of his dedication philanthropy is that he is a large benefactor for the Campaign for Free College Tuition, a program set up to offer free college to any Americans throughout the country.

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DIVERSANT LLC and Principal Executive John Goullet Make Their Mark

DIVERSANT is an African-American owned company which provides IT solutions and staffing for a wide range of companies. It is run by founder and CEO Gene Waddy, Chief Executive Officer, John Goullet, Principal, and Chief Operations Officer Jim Yoshimura. DIVERSANT is the largest African-American owned firm of its type and continues to grow by leaps and bounds even in these challenging economic times. The three driving forces behind DIVERSANT have almost 90 years of combined experience in Information Technology, staffing, and entrepreneurship.

DIVERSANT does more than just link companies large and small with the skilled array of diverse workers. They also offer a range of programs designed to help people get the skills needed to find lucrative IT careers. Fortune 500 companies engage DIVERSANT because of the company’s excellent track record. DIVERSANT has also developed a number of transformative workforce and supply chain diversity programs. Those programs include STAR which helps U.S. veterans and the UNITY program which links small minority business with large corporation which need the skills and services the companies offer and can provide valuable mentoring to help them to grow.

Goullet is one of the powerful forces behind the success of DIVERSANT. An entrepreneur with extensive experience in IT consulting, Goullet founded the IT staffing company Info Technologies and grew it into a $30 million a year business. The company was among the list of America’s fastest growing firms that was privately held. He has also developed a number of other successful IT ventures. When he switched his attention to staffing services in 1994, he had great success in that arena as well.

With Info Technologies listed as Inc. Magazine’s 8 fastest growing private company and 16 years experience working in staffing, Goullet identified another emerging trend. The need for minority IT staffing. So he merged Info Technologies with Gene Waddy’s DIVERSANT Inc. Together they created the nationally-certified, largest African-American owned Minority Business Enterprise in the United States, DIVERSANT LLC. This new business venture has enabled entrepreneur John to continue to create new ways to provide lucrative employment opportunities in the growing IT marketplace.

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Highland Capital Anticipates Argentina Returning To International Bond Market

Next month Argentina will be making a much anticipated return to the international bond market, and according to James Dondero, Highland Capital Management is one of the buyers. Dondero serves as the president and co-founder of the financial firm based in Dallas, Texas. The firm handles roughly $19 billion which includes credit hedge funds and emerging market credit funds, and they are looking to buy large amounts of securities when Argentina re-enters the financial game.

Before they altered their portfolio earlier this month, Highland Capital was one of the biggest holders of Argentina’s $4 billion notes that will become due in 2033. The fact that such a reputable firm is looking to invest is a great sign for Argentina as the company tries to unload a large amount of debt to help pay for their debts with creditors that held out on making a settlement. Dondero stated that on top of holding on to what they already have, Highland Capital intends to buy some of the new issuances and feels optimistic that Argentina will price the debt at a great trading price. As things stand now, Highland Capital is set to be one of the biggest winners when the ban is lifted that prevented the country from paying its restructured debt. The fund purchased a large amount of Argentina’s bonds in June of 2014 when they were trading in the mid-70’s. Since the original purchase, Highland has earned annual returns on these bonds that are close to 20 percent. These bonds are currently trading at around $117.

Dondero is hoping to lead his company in a winning payout with these bonds, and looking at his stellar reputation, it’s not hard to imagine he may be right. He has racked up more than 30 years of experience in the credit and equity market, most of which was focused mainly on high-yield and distressed investing. He has led Highland Capital to be a pioneer in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligations as well as developing credit oriented solutions for investors around the world.

Prior to Highland Capital, Dondero served as Chief Investment Officer for GIC, a subsidiary of Protective Life where he built over $2 billion in AUM in his 4 years with the company. He also worked as a Corporate Bond Analyst as well as a Portfolio Manager for American Express after his first job with Morgan guaranty where he worked in the training program. Dondero currently works and runs his company, Highland Capital Management, as well as serve as Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank.

More information on Highland Capital and their intentions and hopes for Argentinian bonds hitting the market can be found here.

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