Thor Halvorssen: The Tyrant’s Source of Trouble

Thor Halvorssen was born in 1976. He is a Venezuelan human rights seeker and film producer with multiple contributions in the public interest, public policy civil liberties, pre-democracy, and good individual advocacy. Thor Halvorssen is the founder of The Oslo Human Rights Forum based in New York with annual gatherings described as a human rights festival. While the foundation was maturing, its primary source of funding was the Davos Economic Forum. Thor Halvorssen is the current president of the Human Rights Foundation. This is a non-profit organization devoted to global freedom and human rights. He is the Czech-based Children Peace Movement’s patron. He is also the founder and CEO of the Moving Picture Institute.

Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela to Hilda Mendoza and Thor Hellum. His mother, Hilda Mendoza.she was a descendant of the first president of the country. His father, Thor HalvorssenHellum, was a descendant of the ruling dynasty of kings in Norway. For the anti-narcotics affairs in Carlos Andre’s administration, his father worked as the Venezuelan Ambassador. He was also a special oversight investigator of the Venezuelan Commission of Senates.

Thor Halvorssen attended Pennsylvania University and graduated with a History and Political Science degree. When Thor Halvorssen was a first-year student at the university, his father was arrested in 1993 following his investigation on the Medellin cartel on money laundering activities. He was beaten, tortured, and threatened to be killed by the police. His father also led the 74-day campaign on the carcass terrorism charges. Thor Halvorssen also led a special campaign to have his father released from jail and gathered help from The International Amnesty. For all the alleged charges, his father was found innocent. He was then appointed as the director of the UN-affiliated Human Rights International Society of the Pan-American Committee.

While attending a 204-eaceful protest in Venezuela, his mother was shot in the leg by police. There was file footage showing the events that took place during that day. The national television aired the proceedings on the public view. The gunmen actions were all-over the national news. For this reason, the government apologized for the occurrence.

Bottom-Up Growth for New Brunswick

The town of New Brunswick suffered for years. Along with the crime that they dealt with on a regular basis, many of the people who lived in the town were not able to get the resources that they needed. There was a lot of poverty and problems that came along with it. The town was not necessarily somewhere that people would enjoy visiting and was something that made it harder for the people who lived there to want to continue staying there. There were so many problems that most people avoided the town altogether. It wasn’t even safe to walk around the town after four in the afternoon.

Omar Boraie saw this when he moved to the town. He wanted to change things, though. He knew that there would be ways that he could do more to make changes when it came to the town and the options that people had in the town. He also knew that it was something that would take a long time but he was prepared for the work ahead of him and he started out by making New Brunswick a better place for everyone including himself since he was living there and doing business there. See also.

The way that he did this was through the creation and subsequent use of a development company. he knew that, as a developer, he would be able to make a difference for people and that he would be able to do more when it came time for different projects. He also knew that when he was trying to create change in the town, having a development company with the capability to do all of that would be something that could make a difference for him and with the different options that he had.

There were many times when Omar was only doing what was best for the town. For example, he wanted to show the people who were in the town the best way to make the opportunities for themselves. He created buildings and then allowed the people to make the most out of them. The latest building, The Aspire, is one of the first luxury lifestyle buildings that New Brunswick has ever seen. It took a long time for the town to get to that point and it wouldn’t have happened without the help of Omar Boraie and the company that he works so hard to help make the town better.

Now that Omar Boraie is established and has allowed the business to mature, he is inviting his children to come into the business. He has hopes that they will be able to continue the business that he created. He has trained them to do such and this has given him the chance to take a step back from the way that the business worked. He wanted to make sure that things would be better for them and that they would be able to make the town even better than what it was in the past and what he made it be.

Dementors Killing The Soul


One of the popular fan theories surrounding the Harry Potter series is that of Harry and his encounters with the Dementors. The theory is based upon the frightening scream that Harry hears before he blacks out from the Dementors attacks. The nightmarish hooded figures are known to suck out a persons emotion, effectively draining them of their happiness. Dementors force you to relive your most painful memories, which leads to them eventually sucking out your life force.

It is widely known Harry Potter theories that he is affected worse than others by the Dementors due to the trauma that he has suffered. When he is attacked by the Dementors, he is forced to relive the death of his mother, Lily, and the sound of her screaming his name before she is killed. The premise of the theory is that it is not Harry’s memory that he is reliving, but Voldemort’s instead. Since Harry was only fifteen months old when Lily was killed makes it plausible that the memory he relives is that of Voldemort’s due to the fact that part of his soul resides in Harry. It is believed that the memory is a product of Lily sacrificing herself for Harry, causing Voldemort to experience unrelenting pain, bringing him the closest to death he had been. Contemplating the fact that his mothers voice is the last thing he hears before he blacks out, it’s reasonable that it could be Voldemort’s memory since it was right before he was torn from his body.

EOS Keeps Their Spheres Rulling

Evolution Of Smooth is the lip balm company that outdid Chapstick with their innovative techniques and savvy marketing strategies. Chapstick is the lip balm company that the majority of people thought of when they thought about a lip balm. For over 100 years Chapstick completely and totally dominated the lip balm industry, and because of that, the majority of innovators did not even try to outdo Chapstick. If they did create a lip balm, it was just a close copy of Chapstick brand.

When the individuals that decided to create Evolution Of Smooth made their lip balm, they wanted to do something totally different. They wanted their lip balm to be mainly for women, and they also wanted their lip balm to totally and completely squash the competition. EOS was able to do both things. They were able to market on the fact that Chapstick never really made changes to their skin care product. They took that standard idea of the look and feel of a lip balm, and they made a product that was never seen on the market before in order to temp curiosity.

The makers of EOS lip balm were able to do many polls on women all across the world. They wanted to see what size, shape, and texture would be the best for women. They received thousands of responses, and they used the info that they found in those responses to create their EOS small round sphered containers. EOS is a company that also uses natural and organic products. Their Amazon sold lip balm’s are filled with soothing vitamin E and jojoba oil. See,

Now EOS is the leading lip balm company in the United States, and they are continuing with their streak of success. EOS implements innovative measures to improve their already outstanding product, and they are a company that has set the bar when it comes to lip balm.

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Prominent Investor Takes Buffett To Task

Timothy Armour, a prominent investor and business man and the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of Capital Group, recently criticized the financial expert, Warren Buffett over the appropriate amount of focus and impotence which should be placed upon passive index funds. The dissension came around shortly after news happened to be released concerning Mr. Buffett’s newest investment, a charity deal wherein he wagered one million dollars on a S & P 500 passive index fund. Though it, as yet, remains to be seen whether Mr. Buffett will recoup his invest, things are so far looking good for the multi billionaire.

What then was the disagreement? Timothy Armour has no particular qualms about the investment itself (and indeed expresses his praise for Mr. Buffett’s ken sense of market perception and the rigorous way he has, year by year, built up his portfolio) but rather is worried about the intense focus upon passive index funds themselves. For those that may not be familiar with the term, a index fund differentiates itself from a mutual fund by being passively managed based upon market index rather than being actively and constantly managed by individuals.

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Mr. Armour as the CEO of Capital Group notes that passive index funds are sometimes a good option to considered for one’s portfolio but that they pose a considerable risk in the long term – weakness to volatile markets. Indeed, all passive index funds open up a prospective investor to one hundred percent losses if the mirrored market happens to be in a downturn.


Just Another Day Winning for Goettl

There is good news for residents of the Phoenix, Arizona area, when it comes to the condition of the cool air within their homes. The reason to breathe easier is due to Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air becoming a part of Goettl Air Conditioning. What this means is an already awesome professional team now has 20 more members to add to its arsenal, in the battle against families overheating in their homes. That is a definite reason for the local community stop and smile with a sigh of relief.

But the show does not stop in the metropolitan Phoenix area. Goettl has plans to expand its legacy and empire all the way over to the neighboring state of Nevada where things get just as hot. Really what it breaks down to is that the residential clients of Las Vegas Air and the rental homes from Paradise air now have better access to more services for their consumer dollar.

To be sure, this is not a hostile takeover and everyone from the two smaller companies is glad to join the Goettl family. It is all about getting the most service from and for the local market. Why? Because, after the ink dries on the deal, customers who only had access to great HVAC services are now able to easily ask for plumbing services as well. This upgrade also applies to commercial customers and not just to the residential sector of the market. This includes multi-family properties such as apartment buildings and businesses. Each of these customers can make just one call to Goettl and get their air and water problems solved.

Sometimes, it just takes the experience of a mentor or company that has done it all to make things work out in the end. And in this case, Goettl has more than 70 years of working knowledge, to bring it all together. This deal is a triple play on the classic win-win scenario. That is one win for each of the companies smart enough to cooperate and effectively serve an expanding market, not to mention a win for all the satisfied customers.

When it comes to expecting variety and quality in service Goettl’s customer base already know about it. That is because they remain loyal clients of a business that offers heating and cooling systems, specials, maintenance such as duct sealing, financing, geothermal services, plumbing services and maintenance plans.

Alexandre Gama, Brazilian Publicist and Success Story

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian publicist and entrepreneur who has broken down barriers and achieved success in a wide array of fields. He worked his way up in the field of advertising, but has accomplishments in a variety of genres including the music industry, fine arts, and luxury sports car manufacturing. He is known for helping turn companies into overnight success stories, and for the many awards his projects have won over the years.

Gama’s flagship business is Neogama. It is one of Brazil’s 20 largest advertising agencies and experienced massive growth in its first few years of existence. The company has been awarded several Golden Lions over the years by the Cannes Film Festival. It developed into an international enterprise when it merged with British BBH in 2002, but ended that partnership in 2012 when it shifted its focus back to the Brazilian market.

Not only has Alexandre Gama been successful in his many business ventures, he has repeatedly been the first Latin American and Brazilian to do so. He has managed to expand the boundaries of the field of advertising and gain accolades for his country.



Rona Borre the New Business Originator

Rona Borre is in leadership roles in several Chicago business organizations such as the Chicago Network, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Economic Club of Chicago. Her voice and wisdom are sought after on television, radio, podcasts and local speaking engagements.

In 2001, Borre founded Instant Alliance, a staffing and recruiting company, in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo. Today her company works with Fortune 500 companies, midsized and smaller companies to place super-qualified candidates.  More of this on

Borre says that most staffing agencies are missing it when it comes to one key ingredient. That ingredient is the relationship that must be bonded between the staffing company and the client. This is the reason that Borre and her staff of over 40 highly trained account executives spend a great deal of time with a client, getting to know the principals and what they are looking for in the way of new hires. Once that is discovered, the push is on to find that perfect candidate.

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That is how Borre achieves a bull’s eye every time instead of just picking anyone who happens to be on the list.


Securus Makes Everyone Safer, Including Prisoners

One of our great responsibilities as a society is to protect the most vulnerable in our population. This can include minority groups, religious groups and any inequalities facing a particular gender or gender identification. In fact, I believe we are be judged as a society by how we treat the most vulnerable among us. We will certainly not be judged by how we treat our rich, privileged or powerful.


One of the most important populations to protect are our prisoners. That may sound controversial, but it is moral. Plus, when we treat our prisoners well, recidivism is reduced. In other words — when we adequately protect our prisoners and convicts, crime in the real world is reduced. It makes you safer, so you should have a vested interest in the way prisoners are treated as well.


One of the best ways to protect our prisoners is by reducing crime inside of the prison. But reducing prison crimes is a difficult task. First of all, prisoners are reluctant to help reduce prison crime. Any prisoners helping law enforcement is labeled a rat and can expect poor treatment for the duration of their sentences.


There is this telecommunications company that primarily serves prisons and jails. The company is called Securus, and this company is helping to treat our prison population better through innovation.


When anyone calls a prisoner, the phone call is recorded by Securus. The digital data is overwhelming, but Securus continues to record all of these calls. The company then allows law enforcement officers to search that entire database using software that searches for a particular voice. If law enforcement gets a lead on a particular prisoner, they can use this software to collect information about that suspect. This information can be used to prevent crimes in prison which reduces recidivism.



How EOS Is Becoming the Lip Balm of Choice for Young Women

The closest thing women got to enthusiasm lip balm in prior generations was Suzy Chaffee doing commercials for Chapstick. Now, EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is closing in on the lip balm market, becoming the product of choice for millennials.

In an article appearing Fast Company,”The Untold Story Of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick”,, /3063333/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick, Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder and managing partner said that all of the positive publicity about EOS lip balm products didn’t hurt the product’s popularity. As a start-up company, it was important for consumers to know the company’s values. Instead of just making a cheap product to undercut the prices of their competition, EOS concentrated on making a high-quality product that would make women fall in love with the brand. They could have gone the easy way, with a pot container balm that is applied with the fingers, but EOS wisely chose to reinvent not only lip balm but also the container. This added value as women could easily glide the product on their lips and refresh it anytime, anywhere on the go.

The organic ingredients and the variety of flavors make EOS today’s popular lip balm for women. This brand is not the same old unisex lip balm like Chapstick or Blistex. its got style and comes in an adorable, colorful egg shaped container. As the Kardashians were Facebook photographed applying it, naturally women’s magazines all over the world began writing articles about this new type of lip protection product. Pretty soon, EOS flavored lip balm was popping up in high-end as well as big box shopping outlets like eBay. This new “Evolution of Smooth” quickly became the go-to product for women who want a bit of sheen and maybe a little color without the heavy feel of the old fashioned products sold in tubes.