Honey Birdette Goes Hard in the US and UK Market

The US and UK markets are some of the biggest economies in the world. Now, thanks to the advancements in technology, businesses can even thrive more from these markets. One brand that is taking nothing to chance is the Australian first sensation brand Honey Birdette. The number brand for lingerie has shown interests in these two markets by first launching its e-commerce site dedicated specifically to take care of the US market.

While announcing this news, Eloise Monaghan, Honey Birdette’s founder noted that the decision to capture the US market using the e-commerce site was informed by the US consumer partner. According to the brand, the US online market is a vibrant one as the brand noted an increase in the online sales statistics by 374%. In addition to meeting the needs of the online US market, the brand also seeks to improve on their consumer’s experiences, increase on their products range, and offer faster services through their dedicated e-commerce site. Some additional incentives that will come with using the e-commerce site will include free deliveries on orders above $50.

The US market is not only the market Honey Birdette has big plans for. With the brand having only three stores currently opened in the UK markets, plans to increase them to ten before increasing the number to 40 come 2018 are far much underway.

Eloise Monaghan is dedicated and committed to ensuring that Honey Birdette remains the unchallenged lingerie products in the market. With all the efforts and progress made this will happen sooner than we would expect. For a brand that started in 2006 in Australia, Honey Birdette now stands at 55 stores in her hometown with a couple of other stores in the UK and US.

The brand offers exclusive products ranging from briefs to bras at affordable prices.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: The Answer To Cancer

Unfortunately, thousands of patients visit hospitals each year only to find out they have cancer. Considering this to be conventional wisdom, cancer remains a debilitating and potentially life-threatening medical condition. Moreover, many families have to deal with covering the costs of their expenses. Oftentimes, these families lack the resources to address the situation. Fortunately, Cancer Treatment Centers of America exceed the expectations of its industry. Each day, the center works effortlessly to address the concerns of their patients and find solutions. Moreover, the company has a consistent track record with proven results.

In recent news, Cancer Treatment Centers of America have collaborated with NantHealth and Allscripts. The purpose of the collaboration remains to implement a custom technical solution platform. Moreover, the platform utilizes eviti. In addition, eviti remains a Nanthealth base solution that accesses clinical records and workflows in the Allscripts record system. Moreover, it was previously unheard of. What makes eviti so effective is its ability to effortlessly integrate the clinical decision support solution. As a result, the Clinical Pathways program assists in informing the cancer treatment process. Moreover, it does not interrupt the physician’s clinical workflow.

For those unaware, Cancer Treatment Centers of America remain headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Moreover, it remains a group of five hospitals committed to serving adult patients that remain combating cancer. In addition, Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer a unifying approach to cancer care. It works by combining advancements in genomic testing, precision cancer, and so forth.

Also, CTCA helps patients from all around the world at their numerous hospital locations. This includes Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa. In addition, the center boasts some of the highest ratings in its industry. Their quality of customer care and patient experience remains superfluous. To conclude, CTCA remains a leader in their industry.

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