How EOS Is Becoming the Lip Balm of Choice for Young Women

The closest thing women got to enthusiasm lip balm in prior generations was Suzy Chaffee doing commercials for Chapstick. Now, EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is closing in on the lip balm market, becoming the product of choice for millennials.

In an article appearing Fast Company,”The Untold Story Of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick”,, /3063333/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick, Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder and managing partner said that all of the positive publicity about EOS lip balm products didn’t hurt the product’s popularity. As a start-up company, it was important for consumers to know the company’s values. Instead of just making a cheap product to undercut the prices of their competition, EOS concentrated on making a high-quality product that would make women fall in love with the brand. They could have gone the easy way, with a pot container balm that is applied with the fingers, but EOS wisely chose to reinvent not only lip balm but also the container. This added value as women could easily glide the product on their lips and refresh it anytime, anywhere on the go.

The organic ingredients and the variety of flavors make EOS today’s popular lip balm for women. This brand is not the same old unisex lip balm like Chapstick or Blistex. its got style and comes in an adorable, colorful egg shaped container. As the Kardashians were Facebook photographed applying it, naturally women’s magazines all over the world began writing articles about this new type of lip protection product. Pretty soon, EOS flavored lip balm was popping up in high-end as well as big box shopping outlets like eBay. This new “Evolution of Smooth” quickly became the go-to product for women who want a bit of sheen and maybe a little color without the heavy feel of the old fashioned products sold in tubes.