How Demi Lovato and Fabletics Are Working Together To Empower Women

If there is one thing that women’s fitness wear company Fabletics is known for it is women’s empowerment. The company has partnered with social initiatives that have been aimed at promoting awareness of issues that women deal with such as breast cancer and issues that are pertinent to girls living in the developing world such as access to education. Fabletics, which was co-founded by the Golden Globe-winning actress Kate Hudson with two other business partners, also focuses on helping to empower its base of customers that are also largely comprised of women by providing them workout clothing that is affordable and that is designed to fit a wide range of body types and to accommodate a wide variety of fitness routines whether they are low impact fitness routines or high impact workout routines.


Even though Fabletics is relatively new to the world of fashion, having been established in 2013, it has been able to accomplish the feat of being a company that complements a strong online presence with a strategic brick-and-mortar presence. The digital fashion brand was able to get ahead of customer’s increased interest in what is known as athleisure clothing. The style of clothing, which was once thought to be little more than a trend, is growing in sales whereas other traditional areas of retail clothing are slowing down or are growing stagnant. One simple way of describing athleisure wear is as clothing that can be worn not only as workout attire but also in other environments outside of the gym, such as the office or out to a casual dinner. According to the publication Business Insider the trend is a combination of “business casual and sportswear.” The market for athleisure wear in the United States is expected to be worth as much as $100 billion in the United States over the next three years.


What Fabletics and Kate Hudson have been able to do well is to provide athleisure clothing that speaks to their customers’ needs at a price point that is also friendly to their wallet. They have also developed a business model that is a bit unusual for fashion in that it gives customers the option of purchasing clothing through a subscription with Fabletics’ website. The Fabletics subscription allows subscribers who are also known as VIP members to purchase the company’s clothing at prices that are 50 percent less than what they would pay if they were a guest to the site. The company is a great example of what athleisure wear does best in that it is versatile workout clothing that is as beautifully-designed as non-athletic wear. The workout tops, for instance, are able to handle sweat from a session of kickboxing at the gym and also look work-appropriate underneath a black blazer. Fabletics’ reputation for beautiful design is also exemplified in its recent collaboration with singer Demi Lovato. At a recent event Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato announced that Fabletics would be releasing a limited-edition capsule collection in August on the site. The concept of the collection is one that meshes well with Demi Lovato’s brand and Fabletics’ mission, both of which involve empowering women, promoting body positivity and confidence. The sneak peek of Fabletics’ collection with Demi Lovato included leggings with mesh cut-outs, ombre patterns and florals and shirts with words like “Confident” and “Unbroken.”