Brian Bonar Has His Own Take On Investing In Europe

Brian Bonar certainly paid attention to the French presidential election and he’s become a major investor in the European economy. The newly elected president is Emmanuel Marcon who won due to drawing a much more leftist and moderate line than his opponent Marie Le Pen, but also because his economic policies are thought to be better for Europe overall.

With his election Bonar believes that Europe-based ETFs may see a good recovery ahead even if not a fast one. The Euro has seen its value lower than the US dollar, but with potentially new developments in this upcoming administration and a diverse economy now seems to be a good time to buy ETFs.

Brian Bonar is a well-known business magnate in the San Diego area where he has run the Dalrada Financial Corporation for many years, though recently he’s retired and taken more of a backseat role there. Bonar originally lived in Scotland and studied business and mechanical engineering at Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

He then completed an MBA at Staffordshire and was working in the marketing and procurement departments at IBM UK Ltd. After working there for 17 years, Bonar became a managing director at QMS Services. From there he moved on to printing and copying with companies such as Adaptec, Rastek, and Bezier Systems and was part of the development of a SCSI printer in the 1990s.

Brian Bonar became a pioneer of professional employer organizations (PEOs) when he founded ITEC Imaging Technologies in 1994. This company started out as a printing and office supplies distributor, but later offered onsite installations and managed network services.

In 2004 Brian Bonar had the company name changed to Dalrada Financial Corporation and also partnered it with SourceOne Group and Solvis. Bonar also served on the boards of the Amanda Company and Allegiant Professional Services during this time.

In 2010 Bonar and the Dalrada Financial Corporation bought out Trucept Inc. to provide PEO services to small businesses that included outsourced accounting, tax statements and employee benefits. They also bought Smart-Tek Solutions to provide automated technology.

According to Bloomberg, In 2013 Brian Bonar stepped down from being a full-time CEO and Chairman to then focusing on investments both in foreign ETFs and in local restaurant startups. He began buying local pubs and small restaurants and turning them into great tasting cuisines, and he hired the award-winning Master Chef of France Patrick Ponsaty to come manage Bellamy’s, a variety cuisine in downtown Escondido, CA.

Bonar also is the new owner of the Bandy Canyon Ranch tourist resort just outside of Escondido which he has taken to renovating recently.