Becoming a Real Financial Expert

Brad Reifler is a financial expert who can prove it when it comes to investing. Brad Reifler noticed a problem when it came to middle class people investing. He realized that they were not accredited by the Federal government. He sought to help middle class investors invest wisely after he lost money that he had invested for his daughters college fund. Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College with a degree in Economics and Political Science, and then went on to found Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982. His goal was to educate middle class people on the benefits of investing. Reifler would start several new companies such as Pali Capital and Forefront Capital. He acted as a broker dealer that focused on equity markets. He was incredibly successful and he managed to accrue over one billion in commission income. Today, Reifler has used his company to start Forefront Income Trust Initiative.

This company allows non-accredited members of middle class to invest quarterly with minimized risk.
Brad Reifler makes sure that the investor comes first when he invests other peoples money. He does not take any management fees and he doesn’t start earning a commission until the investor has made back eight percent of the money invested. Brad Reifler focuses on helping the people referred to as the 99 percent. The class of American people who are considered the middle class and have no accreditation from the government. An investment of 2500 is all that it takes to start earning your money back if you invest in Brad Reifler’s company.  Follow him on Twitter @BradleyR.