Alexandre Gama, Brazilian Publicist and Success Story

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian publicist and entrepreneur who has broken down barriers and achieved success in a wide array of fields. He worked his way up in the field of advertising, but has accomplishments in a variety of genres including the music industry, fine arts, and luxury sports car manufacturing. He is known for helping turn companies into overnight success stories, and for the many awards his projects have won over the years.

Gama’s flagship business is Neogama. It is one of Brazil’s 20 largest advertising agencies and experienced massive growth in its first few years of existence. The company has been awarded several Golden Lions over the years by the Cannes Film Festival. It developed into an international enterprise when it merged with British BBH in 2002, but ended that partnership in 2012 when it shifted its focus back to the Brazilian market.

Not only has Alexandre Gama been successful in his many business ventures, he has repeatedly been the first Latin American and Brazilian to do so. He has managed to expand the boundaries of the field of advertising and gain accolades for his country.