Six Makeup Hacks Using Everyday Objects

When it comes to makeup application, there many readily available tools in your house that you can use to make your entire experience incredible. Below are six hacks that you should find worth trying.



Safe Storage of the Eye Lashes



Eyelashes are one of the most easily misplaced part of your makeup toolkit. There is, however, a straightforward and reliable way to ensure your eyelashes are always safe. The pill container is partitioned, and you can easily store each set in a different containment. The best thing is that the lashes fit correctly in the box.



Shaping Eyebrows Using the Set Square



According to Wengie, A geometrical set square can find more use in your makeup tool kit if you know how to use it. Line the square with the edge of your nose and both on the inner and outer corners of your eye to find where your eyebrows should start. Using a concealer and a brush, make a guideline on where it should start and do the same to mark where they should end. Join the dots using the edge of the square to come up with a perfect line. Finally, blend out using a brush.



Choose long-lasting products



While buying lipstick, make sure you purchase the best quality with built in primer. Clinique products have built in primer, which makes the lip grid on when you apply lipstick leaving your lips looking smooth and hydrated.



Power of Vaseline



Vaseline is very useful in making your perfume last for long and especially if you are planning a long busy day ahead. It also helps protect your skin from the effects of alcohol in the colon. Just apply a small amount of perfume in the skin area you want to spray.



Nose Contour Using Folk



Place a folk on the nose, highlight the middle gap, and contour on the other two sides. Then blend away using your hand or a brush.



Making Use of Expired Eye Shadow



You don’t have to throw away your expired eye shadow. You can instead mix it with clear nail polish to come up with some unique nail polish. Scoop it out using a spatula and put it on the polish container. To get a more consistent color, make sure to use more eyeshadow pigments.