Wengie Your Way Thin


Wengie, the popular Australian-Chinese beauty blogger, whose YouTube channel boasts over a million subscribers, has carved her place out in the beauty-verse from the comfort of her bedroom. Her warm and light hearted videos feature how-to’s and small cultural caveats across the beauty vlogger continuum, from Korean makeup tricks to the ever-present “Boyfriend does my makeup” video.


In several videos, Wengie addresses some of the most common questions about beauty’s twin sister, fitness. While Wengie doesn’t put forward any hard and fast fitness tips or routines she does dig out her workout gear and explain her fitness philosophy. Move. That’s it. And while this may seem like an overly simplified “fitness” principle, studies suggest that our sedentary lifestyles are a leading cause of weight gain, death, and chronic disease. So Wengie aptly named her fitness video “Fitness Routine Ideas for Lazy People”.


In it, Wengie admits to hating the gym and becoming anxious at the thought of strenuous exercises. She doesn’t want to climb Everest or run a marathon. She wants to fit into cute clothes, avoid illness and be able to get up in the morning without pain. It is safe to say that most people share her ambitions and reticence towards labor intensive fitness programs. The solution is simple, according to Wengie, incorporate movement into every hour of every day. Pick up socks, go for a walk, use a standing desk, make small lifestyle changes that keep your body moving.


Most people already have a six pack,” she tell us. Your beach body is simply buried under a layer of fat. She reminds the audience that body builders spend 70% of their energy on proper nutrition and only 30% of their effort goes to working out.


To that end, she has several diet-related videos outlining everyday eating tips and special “diets” that you can use to help shed a few extra pounds. Both her YouTube channel and her blog are body positive and devoid of fat shaming on the issue of fitness so feel free to swing by and check it out no matter the shape of the skin you are in.