How Highland Capital Management has specialized in Asset Management

Highland Capital Management is a leading asset management enterprise that has been licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company has various affiliates and it currently manages assets that are worth about $14.9 billion. It is also recognized for being a highly experienced international credit manager. The firm has majored in the provision of credits strategies that include collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), credit hedge funds, long-only funds and distinct accounts, as well as special and distressed circumstances private equity. Highland has also specialized in the provision of alternative investments such as long/short equities, natural resources, and emerging markets. The company currently served a wide array of customers and they are fund of funds, foundation, public pension plans, financial institutions, corporations, high net-worth individuals, and governments. The main offices of Highland Capital Management are located in Dallas, Texas, and it also runs its branches in Sao Paulo, Seoul, New York, and Singapore.


The asset management firm has been in business for about 20 years and has successfully grown to be a leading global alternative credit managers. Highland was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero. The company has been successful in its ventures and it developed its first commingled bank loan fund in 2000. In 2004, the firm bought two floating ratio fund from a leading firm that is known as Columbia Asset Management and this assisted it in entering into the mutual fund business. The firm has been growing over time and it open branches Singapore and Seoul in 2008 and 2011.


Highland Street Capital’s current president is James Dondero. He has been in the credit and equity markets for more than 30 years and the main field that he has focused on is high-yield and distresses investing. Mr. Dondero has led the firm in developing the first Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) and in the formation of credit oriented products for retail and organizational investors who are based in different parts of the globe. His expertise has assisted the firm to be recognized in offering services REITs, hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds, REITs, and CLOs. Dondero holds professional titles such as CFA and CMA.