Adam Milstein Has Been an Adept Advocate for Israel & the Jewish Culture, Making Him the Top Philanthropist

Adam Milstein has cut a niche in the real estate sector of the U.S. His firm, Hager Pacific Properties, manages properties worth billions of dollars across the country. Just as he has excelled in real estate, Adam is a well-known philanthropist. His generosity was recently honored as his name featured in the list of Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs Top 200.


Philanthropic Works


Adam and his wife actively run the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that invests in students from Israel living across the world, helping them learn about their Jewish culture. The foundation also helps them establish connections with Israel, their home country. Many students have passed through the organization, and it is evident that they have largely benefited. Adam has been keen in helping establish a good relationship between Israel and the United States. This is why he started the Israeli-American Council that works towards achieving that relationship. Adam also uses the council to influence the development of a foreign policy that will benefit Israel and the Jewish people at large. To further help the Jewish people learn their culture, he has made many publications concerning the heritage. Adam has not relented in emphasizing on the need to learn how to read and write in Hebrew. Adam is also a voice for the marginalized groups across the globe, and he has used every chance he gets to fight for them. Adam understands their pleas well, considering that his wife was a Moroccan immigrant to the United States. Adam Milstein does not lead from the desk; he gets himself actively involved with the charitable missions. This trait make Adam stand out from other philanthropists and real estate moguls

About Adam Milstein


Adam Milstein’s background education includes an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the reputable University Of Southern California. He holds an Industrial & Business Management degree certificate from the Israel Institute of Technology.

Adam Milstein heads a real estate company, Hager Pacific Properties, as the chief executive. His mandate is to implement the firm’s strategic plan. He also offers his guidance in the financing and accounting operations of the company.

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