Rona Borre; How To Build A Successful Recruitment And Staffing Company

Today, women play a vital role in the effective management of institutions and corporations. Women bring along with them unique management styles and a keener eye for detail. Rona Borre is an example of women who have defied all the odds to claim their space in the corporate world that was initially dominated by their male counterparts. Her journey to the pinnacle of success in business has been marked hard work and passion.

Rona Borre is the brainchild of Instant Alliance. Instant Alliance is a company that scouts for talent and skills in individuals and pairs them up with firms that need this personnel. Since the year 2011, when the company came to life, many organizations have benefited from the outstanding services that it has to provide. Instant Alliance has helped pair up businesses with some of the most skilled individuals, and in return, its growth has been on a steady upward curve.

Renowned media outlets such as CNN, BBC and CNBC have featured Rona Borre’s outstanding business model and success in the business world. One of the reasons why Instant Alliance has recorded remarkable growth is the fact that Rona Borre believes in providing quality solutions for her clients. In the ever-competitive business world, what makes an enterprise retain its customers is the quality of the product or service it gives. Check on to read this recent interview with Borre.

Rona Borre draws a lot of inspiration from the Chief People Officer of McDonald’s David Fairhurst. David has done a lot to transform his organization by incorporating culture in the design of products. His products are centered around people.

Rona Borre started his career in recruitment and staffing immediately she left college. She worked with an agency whose responsibility was acquiring talented individuals and connecting them with organizations that were hiring. This opportunity jump-started her career in the recruitment and staffing sector. A few years later when the company she worked with got acquired, she decided to begin her own business. She built Instant Alliance brand that has kept growing over the years.  Learn more about the company and Borre, visit

Rona believes that the future of various businesses in the internet age will be determined by how the companies leverage analytics and big data to improve their operating efficiency.

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