Chris Burch’s Newest Venture: The Luxurious Nihiwatu

Chris Burch is someone who likes the fine things in life. The founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, he is known for investing in some pretty massive projects which have netted him a significant amount of money. He is mainly known for divulging into the fashion market and for leading some of the biggest fashion plans. With an excellent eye for business and the skills to be able to translate that correctly in his work, Burch can say that he has made a name for himself. He can point out when and where an excellent business opportunity will arise and seizes it as quick as he can. By implementing his, he has expanded his company profusely, making it the massive multinational corporation that it is today. He has expanded into numerous different fields and markets, both within the country as well as in international waters.

Even though in the past, Burch was known to divulge into retail and the fashion market, the case is different for his newest venture.  For update on Burch recent timeline activities, click on  Burch recently purchased a private island in Indonesia as a gift for his children. He wanted to give them an untainted paradise that they could call home. With that idea in mind, Burch partnered up with James McBride to construct a massive luxury resort that is one of a kind. He wanted to make this home as beautiful as possible to complement the steller landscape that he built it on, and this, the Nihiwatu was born. The Nihiwatu is known to currently be one of the best luxury hotels in the entire world and is known for the extremely high quality of service that they provide. Guests at the Nihiwatu are treated like royalty and are offered some of the best in hospitality and cuisine, not to mention the beautiful natural surroundings around which it was built.   More to read on

The Nihiwatu has received praises from numerous travel magazines and travelers alike. The hotel is set to exceed any expectations that one might have for this beautiful place. Burch was extremely satisfied with how the Nihiwatu turned out and is confident that travelers all over will have a fantastic time at the hotel.   Additional article on

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In addition to it being a stellar property, Chris Burch has also helped the people of the island, by opening up numerous jobs for them. Therefore, the people of the island are incredibly grateful to Burch for helping them with their economic scenarios.

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