Securus Makes Everyone Safer, Including Prisoners

One of our great responsibilities as a society is to protect the most vulnerable in our population. This can include minority groups, religious groups and any inequalities facing a particular gender or gender identification. In fact, I believe we are be judged as a society by how we treat the most vulnerable among us. We will certainly not be judged by how we treat our rich, privileged or powerful.


One of the most important populations to protect are our prisoners. That may sound controversial, but it is moral. Plus, when we treat our prisoners well, recidivism is reduced. In other words — when we adequately protect our prisoners and convicts, crime in the real world is reduced. It makes you safer, so you should have a vested interest in the way prisoners are treated as well.


One of the best ways to protect our prisoners is by reducing crime inside of the prison. But reducing prison crimes is a difficult task. First of all, prisoners are reluctant to help reduce prison crime. Any prisoners helping law enforcement is labeled a rat and can expect poor treatment for the duration of their sentences.


There is this telecommunications company that primarily serves prisons and jails. The company is called Securus, and this company is helping to treat our prison population better through innovation.


When anyone calls a prisoner, the phone call is recorded by Securus. The digital data is overwhelming, but Securus continues to record all of these calls. The company then allows law enforcement officers to search that entire database using software that searches for a particular voice. If law enforcement gets a lead on a particular prisoner, they can use this software to collect information about that suspect. This information can be used to prevent crimes in prison which reduces recidivism.



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  1. If I was working with the prisons service, I would be more worried with this technology because of my own safety. Actually, rushmyessay told me that it is all a mirage and I would not take any chances with the prospects that inmate communication is not just a fancy word it has implications we may not know yet.

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