Mother and Daughter Buried Together

It was shocking and sad enough that actress Carrie Fisher died suddenly from a heart attack at the end of December, 2016, but when it was followed the next day with the death of her mother, entertainment icon Debbie Reynolds it seemed almost like a dramatic scene from a movie, but alas; it was all too true. Both making for truly sad celebrity funerals. Both of these women were loved by many who had followed their careers and hardly expected to lose both of them at once. Debbie Reynolds was clearly so devastated by her daughter’s death that she felt unable to continue living. Her son and Carrie’s brother Todd Fisher felt it would be a fitting tribute to both that they be put to rest at the same funeral.


The private joint funeral took place at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood CA where many other screen stars like Lucille Ball and Liberace, have their own final resting place. The funeral was attended by the family and many celebrities who were close friends and colleagues. Carrie Fischer was cremated according to her wishes, and her Mother’s body was buried along with some of Carrie’s ashes. Two motorcycle officers accompanied the hearses as they traveled to Memorial Park. Meryl Streep sang Carrie Fisher’s favorite song “Happy Days Are Here Again”. They were placed together in a lovely crypt where they will remain together forever.

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