Dr. Clay Siegall: A Study Reports Promising Results in Treatment of Rare Malignancies


Many clinical trials set up to try efficiency of new medications simply fail. They do not draw in enough patients, and they are not completed. This trend decelerates medical progress. However, NCI-MATCH is a study that has gone against that trend. The study has come up with a unique way of categorizing cancers for treatment. Contrary to the traditional method that classifies tumors based on the organ where they are first detected, this technique of sorting concentrate on specific mutations in the genetic makeups of cancer cells. According to oncologist Robert Comis, NCI-MATCH analyzes the distinct mutations that take place in the tumors.

NCI-MATCH in brief

NCI-MATCH enrolls patients who have consistently attained unsuccessful results from traditional cancer treatments. Nancy Nahmias is an example of a patient who reacted poorly to chemotherapy to the extent of developing a severe reaction known as sepsis, which led to her hospitalization for six weeks. Nahmias’ doctors told her that standard chemotherapy was not an ideal option for her. Her daughter, who serves as a physician, found out that the NCI-MATCH trial was ongoing and urged her mother to try it. After screening and analysis of the genetic pattern of malignancy, scientists discovered that her mutation might be responsive to a treatment rarely offered to people with liver cancer. In its first three months, the trial enrolled 800 patients.

Who is Dr. Clay Siegall?

Dr. Siegall opened up Seattle Genetics in 1998. He is the firm’s CEO, executive president, and Board of Directors’ member. Seattle Genetics is in the process of establishing a diverse portfolio of preclinical and clinical drug candidates targeting a broad range of autoimmune and cancer indications. Dr. Siegall has revolutionized the company into an authority in antibody technologies, particularly the antibody-drug conjugate technology.

Dr. Siegall has supervised numerous venture-funding campaigns that have allowed Seattle Genetics to generate over $330 million inclusive of the firm’s IPO back in 2001. The biotechnology champion has structured strategic partnerships, such as a global partnership with Genentech worth over $800 million. It has also entered several ADC partnerships with Genentech, Progenics, CuraGen, MedImmune, and Bayer. Since 2011, Seattle Genetics’ ADC collaborations have garnered over $65 million.

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