The Ideologies of Betsy Devos on Transgender Bill

Betsy Devos opposed the issue of overturning the bill of transgender bathroom because she believed that it had some negative impact such as discrimination, harassment and bullying in schools which will result in poor performance in schools. . It is the right of every student to be safe in schools and acquire knowledge as required. She believed in everyone’s equality, and that everyone has value in this world regardless of gender, race and age. As a result, she was criticized by media houses and powerful leaders in the government like the case of Trump who told her to stop what she was doing and concentrate on other agenda or join him on supporting the issue. Since she was involved in politics this discussion on transgender bathroom affected her much during the campaigns because her opponents used this issue as a tool to bring her down. She also found herself in court hearings for cases concerned with the same issue but still she stood firm with the students because she knew they will be the leaders of tomorrow. Despite advocating for anti-gender, she still lost the elections.

She advocated for all the school’s administration in the country to protect the students’ rights and treat them fairly so that they can have a conducive environment to study. She has been in an investment firm in Michigan, she also worked with the community helping them with the issues they had. She had been appointed by the Trump administration to head the education docket but when she started campaigning against transgender activities she was removed from office. Betsy DeVos further argued that they had come to an agreement of protecting the teachers and students, their freedom to be maintained and their flexibility but he later against what they had agreed on. Follow Betsy on Twitter

Trump on his side supported this bill and encouraged same sex marriage this during the campaign. He further recommended the transgenders whether famous or the not to use bathrooms that they felt were best for them, Furthermore he interfered with the supreme court of the country in that he told them to pass the issue of same sex marriage into law,not looking at the effects it will have to the society. On the contrary Trump did not support the legalization of abortion and gave government posts to most of the religious leaders but still he was back clashed by the the same religious leaders as they don’t believe in such practices. Despite of him and his associates supporting him some members of the republican still are not pleased with his decisions on transgender bill they told Trump should shun away from social issue but rather concentrate on important issues that affect the entire nation.

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