Rona Borre the New Business Originator

Rona Borre is in leadership roles in several Chicago business organizations such as the Chicago Network, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Economic Club of Chicago. Her voice and wisdom are sought after on television, radio, podcasts and local speaking engagements.

In 2001, Borre founded Instant Alliance, a staffing and recruiting company, in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo. Today her company works with Fortune 500 companies, midsized and smaller companies to place super-qualified candidates.  More of this on

Borre says that most staffing agencies are missing it when it comes to one key ingredient. That ingredient is the relationship that must be bonded between the staffing company and the client. This is the reason that Borre and her staff of over 40 highly trained account executives spend a great deal of time with a client, getting to know the principals and what they are looking for in the way of new hires. Once that is discovered, the push is on to find that perfect candidate.

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That is how Borre achieves a bull’s eye every time instead of just picking anyone who happens to be on the list.


Securus Makes Everyone Safer, Including Prisoners

One of our great responsibilities as a society is to protect the most vulnerable in our population. This can include minority groups, religious groups and any inequalities facing a particular gender or gender identification. In fact, I believe we are be judged as a society by how we treat the most vulnerable among us. We will certainly not be judged by how we treat our rich, privileged or powerful.


One of the most important populations to protect are our prisoners. That may sound controversial, but it is moral. Plus, when we treat our prisoners well, recidivism is reduced. In other words — when we adequately protect our prisoners and convicts, crime in the real world is reduced. It makes you safer, so you should have a vested interest in the way prisoners are treated as well.


One of the best ways to protect our prisoners is by reducing crime inside of the prison. But reducing prison crimes is a difficult task. First of all, prisoners are reluctant to help reduce prison crime. Any prisoners helping law enforcement is labeled a rat and can expect poor treatment for the duration of their sentences.


There is this telecommunications company that primarily serves prisons and jails. The company is called Securus, and this company is helping to treat our prison population better through innovation.


When anyone calls a prisoner, the phone call is recorded by Securus. The digital data is overwhelming, but Securus continues to record all of these calls. The company then allows law enforcement officers to search that entire database using software that searches for a particular voice. If law enforcement gets a lead on a particular prisoner, they can use this software to collect information about that suspect. This information can be used to prevent crimes in prison which reduces recidivism.



How EOS Is Becoming the Lip Balm of Choice for Young Women

The closest thing women got to enthusiasm lip balm in prior generations was Suzy Chaffee doing commercials for Chapstick. Now, EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is closing in on the lip balm market, becoming the product of choice for millennials.

In an article appearing Fast Company,”The Untold Story Of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick”,, /3063333/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick, Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder and managing partner said that all of the positive publicity about EOS lip balm products didn’t hurt the product’s popularity. As a start-up company, it was important for consumers to know the company’s values. Instead of just making a cheap product to undercut the prices of their competition, EOS concentrated on making a high-quality product that would make women fall in love with the brand. They could have gone the easy way, with a pot container balm that is applied with the fingers, but EOS wisely chose to reinvent not only lip balm but also the container. This added value as women could easily glide the product on their lips and refresh it anytime, anywhere on the go.

The organic ingredients and the variety of flavors make EOS today’s popular lip balm for women. This brand is not the same old unisex lip balm like Chapstick or Blistex. its got style and comes in an adorable, colorful egg shaped container. As the Kardashians were Facebook photographed applying it, naturally women’s magazines all over the world began writing articles about this new type of lip protection product. Pretty soon, EOS flavored lip balm was popping up in high-end as well as big box shopping outlets like eBay. This new “Evolution of Smooth” quickly became the go-to product for women who want a bit of sheen and maybe a little color without the heavy feel of the old fashioned products sold in tubes.

Mother and Daughter Buried Together

It was shocking and sad enough that actress Carrie Fisher died suddenly from a heart attack at the end of December, 2016, but when it was followed the next day with the death of her mother, entertainment icon Debbie Reynolds it seemed almost like a dramatic scene from a movie, but alas; it was all too true. Both making for truly sad celebrity funerals. Both of these women were loved by many who had followed their careers and hardly expected to lose both of them at once. Debbie Reynolds was clearly so devastated by her daughter’s death that she felt unable to continue living. Her son and Carrie’s brother Todd Fisher felt it would be a fitting tribute to both that they be put to rest at the same funeral.


The private joint funeral took place at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood CA where many other screen stars like Lucille Ball and Liberace, have their own final resting place. The funeral was attended by the family and many celebrities who were close friends and colleagues. Carrie Fischer was cremated according to her wishes, and her Mother’s body was buried along with some of Carrie’s ashes. Two motorcycle officers accompanied the hearses as they traveled to Memorial Park. Meryl Streep sang Carrie Fisher’s favorite song “Happy Days Are Here Again”. They were placed together in a lovely crypt where they will remain together forever.

Dr. Clay Siegall: A Study Reports Promising Results in Treatment of Rare Malignancies


Many clinical trials set up to try efficiency of new medications simply fail. They do not draw in enough patients, and they are not completed. This trend decelerates medical progress. However, NCI-MATCH is a study that has gone against that trend. The study has come up with a unique way of categorizing cancers for treatment. Contrary to the traditional method that classifies tumors based on the organ where they are first detected, this technique of sorting concentrate on specific mutations in the genetic makeups of cancer cells. According to oncologist Robert Comis, NCI-MATCH analyzes the distinct mutations that take place in the tumors.

NCI-MATCH in brief

NCI-MATCH enrolls patients who have consistently attained unsuccessful results from traditional cancer treatments. Nancy Nahmias is an example of a patient who reacted poorly to chemotherapy to the extent of developing a severe reaction known as sepsis, which led to her hospitalization for six weeks. Nahmias’ doctors told her that standard chemotherapy was not an ideal option for her. Her daughter, who serves as a physician, found out that the NCI-MATCH trial was ongoing and urged her mother to try it. After screening and analysis of the genetic pattern of malignancy, scientists discovered that her mutation might be responsive to a treatment rarely offered to people with liver cancer. In its first three months, the trial enrolled 800 patients.

Who is Dr. Clay Siegall?

Dr. Siegall opened up Seattle Genetics in 1998. He is the firm’s CEO, executive president, and Board of Directors’ member. Seattle Genetics is in the process of establishing a diverse portfolio of preclinical and clinical drug candidates targeting a broad range of autoimmune and cancer indications. Dr. Siegall has revolutionized the company into an authority in antibody technologies, particularly the antibody-drug conjugate technology.

Dr. Siegall has supervised numerous venture-funding campaigns that have allowed Seattle Genetics to generate over $330 million inclusive of the firm’s IPO back in 2001. The biotechnology champion has structured strategic partnerships, such as a global partnership with Genentech worth over $800 million. It has also entered several ADC partnerships with Genentech, Progenics, CuraGen, MedImmune, and Bayer. Since 2011, Seattle Genetics’ ADC collaborations have garnered over $65 million.

The Leadership of Desiree Perez at Tidal

Desiree Perez may not be known by the world just yet, but she appears to have this ferocious spirit of a hustler that is going to make her something of a household name. Her time that is being spent with Tidal is giving her ability to be the business woman that Jay-Z knows that she can be.


Based on, Tidal is definitely a strong company now that Desiree Perez has been able to get inside and build her own strategic plans to help this company go forward. She has shown her business prowess as a nightclub owner and contract negotiator for Roc Nation Sports. These ventures have proven that she is capable of handling leadership roles. This makes all the difference in the world when it comes to a company like Tidal.

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This is a music streaming service that has seen a lot of ups and downs since Jay-Z acquired this company. The CEO and other financial leadership roles have changed several times since he acquired this company. In many cases the change came because the people that were in place to handle business were not able to successfully generate profits. There have been several leaders in place, and a lot of them have simply failed to live up to the expectations that Jay-Z had for Tidal.  Source:


Luckily, Jay-Z knew someone like Desiree Perez because she is the wife of one of his best friends Juan Perez. She already had the experience and she was looking for a way to channel her strategic planning experience into the music streaming industry. For Jay-Z this served as a perfect fit because it gave him the opportunity to employ a friend that he was confident in working with. Desiree Perez would prove to be effective in her position and she would not let him down.

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The Ideologies of Betsy Devos on Transgender Bill

Betsy Devos opposed the issue of overturning the bill of transgender bathroom because she believed that it had some negative impact such as discrimination, harassment and bullying in schools which will result in poor performance in schools. . It is the right of every student to be safe in schools and acquire knowledge as required. She believed in everyone’s equality, and that everyone has value in this world regardless of gender, race and age. As a result, she was criticized by media houses and powerful leaders in the government like the case of Trump who told her to stop what she was doing and concentrate on other agenda or join him on supporting the issue. Since she was involved in politics this discussion on transgender bathroom affected her much during the campaigns because her opponents used this issue as a tool to bring her down. She also found herself in court hearings for cases concerned with the same issue but still she stood firm with the students because she knew they will be the leaders of tomorrow. Despite advocating for anti-gender, she still lost the elections.

She advocated for all the school’s administration in the country to protect the students’ rights and treat them fairly so that they can have a conducive environment to study. She has been in an investment firm in Michigan, she also worked with the community helping them with the issues they had. She had been appointed by the Trump administration to head the education docket but when she started campaigning against transgender activities she was removed from office. Betsy DeVos further argued that they had come to an agreement of protecting the teachers and students, their freedom to be maintained and their flexibility but he later against what they had agreed on. Follow Betsy on Twitter

Trump on his side supported this bill and encouraged same sex marriage this during the campaign. He further recommended the transgenders whether famous or the not to use bathrooms that they felt were best for them, Furthermore he interfered with the supreme court of the country in that he told them to pass the issue of same sex marriage into law,not looking at the effects it will have to the society. On the contrary Trump did not support the legalization of abortion and gave government posts to most of the religious leaders but still he was back clashed by the the same religious leaders as they don’t believe in such practices. Despite of him and his associates supporting him some members of the republican still are not pleased with his decisions on transgender bill they told Trump should shun away from social issue but rather concentrate on important issues that affect the entire nation.

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Special Services Offered by Copa Star Hospital

Since time immemorial, people tend to go for quality and expensive services as they are considered genuine. Having realized this, the D’Or networks established a five-star hospital in Rio de Janeiro offering five-star services to its clients. In the region, the Copa Star Hospital is rated as the best hospital attracting patients from all over the country and even the surrounding countries. This means that the number of patients traveling abroad to seek further medical attention has reduced. The hospital came into existence after the 20014 world cup when foreigners wanted such kind of services. Other than Rio, the network plans to establish other hospitals in the region. According to a recent study, the D’Or networks have over 22 hospitals in Brazil offering this kind of services. This means that other hospitals in the area have lost customers.

To ensure that the hospital remains number one in the region, it’s constantly hiring new talents and uses a unique hiring strategy. At the same time, Copa Star emphasizes on hospitality and comfort for its customers. To understand the level of sophistication in this hospital, there is a dining area for the patients as well as a recovery suite and a lobby. Security is a major concern for this hospital and for this reason, the hospital has put in place measures to ensure that there is no trespassing. This has been achieved by use of uniquely designed entrances and exits to reduce movements as much as possible. In the past, the hospital has being attacked by critics who argue that the hospital emphasizes on comfort rather that recovery. The hospital responded to these allegations by offering their staff additional training so that they can handle each case differently. These requirements saw every new employee equipped with new skills so that they could handle the sophisticated equipment within the facility.

Sturdy joints and reinforced concrete have been used to construct the building. Within the Copa Star Hospital, there are over 59 intensive care units that have been fitted with the latest technology to allow communication with other medical practitioners in the case of an emergency. The article also revealed that there are over 150 beds within this hospital. Copa Star Hospital has an employee base of over 500 people specifically trained for different areas.

Every patient within this facility is given an iPhone that is used for many purposes. For instance, the iPhone has been fitted with an app that allows the patients to carry out many tasks such as controlling the immediate environment and even seeing their MRI scans. Within the facility, screens have been mounted on the wall broadcasting the surrounding environment. This goes a long way in helping the client relax and recover quickly.

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Maggie Gill – The Driving Force behind Memorial Health

Maggie Gill has managed to guide a sinking ship into a profitable institution that helps lthose in need. She is the VP of Finance and Managed Health at the Memorial Health based out of Savannah. It is no surprise that she has managed to become one of the pioneers in the industry through hard work and dedication to the healthcare industry. She takes up varying amount of responsibilities over the years in different positions in the healthcare industry and has proved her worth every time. She has been involved with many different operational responsibilities in the various healthcare institutions she has been part of and has worked over the years. From facilities management, corporate communications to physician’s assistance and internal auditor, she has been involved directly with different operations in the healthcare industry and is not afraid to take up new challenges.

Maggie has been associated with many other institutions apart from Memorial Health. She is a member of the Georgia Rural Health Stabilization Committee since 2014 and is also with the great American Hospital Association Governing Council. Maggie is also on the Board of Trustee of many institutions such as Mercer University School of Medicine, State Medicaid Subcommittee that plans Medicaid Expansion and also the credible Georgia Hospital Association.

To be able to embark on the success career right after college can only be attributed to a strong educational background. Maggie not only earned bachelor’s degree from a renowned university of Florida State University but also completed her MBA top of the class from Saint Leo University. When this was not enough, she undertook training in strategic thinking from the Wharton School to allow her to offer more to her potential employers.

Apart from having a successful career, she is also a dedicated family person. She is married to Shawn and has two lovely kids, Ryan and Bailey. The entire family loves to go for outings and on treks whenever their schedule allows. During an interview, Maggie when asked about what she likes to do, she replied that she is a mom to Memorial and mom to her family that takes up most of her time.


The Business Mind of Don Ressler

Fabletics is an athletic apparel company that was created by Don Ressler. It did not take long for it to become a massive success. In fact, the company had a growth rate that was in triple digits in only its second year of existence. Techstyle is the parent company of Fabletics. Techstyle is now valued at more that $1 billion. One of the reasons that Fabletics was able to catch on and gain a massive following of women has been the involvement of actress Kate Hudson. Her fame and commitment to fitness has helped to make the Fabletics brand into something that is now very easy to recognize.

Don Ressler has made a great career for himself by launching successful startup companies that become very profitable in a short period of time. He has been one of the few people who has been able to do this consistently. It is very hard to get a tech startup off the ground because of all the competition that exists in the online business world on However, Don uses a strategy that allows him to successfully market his sites to his target audience. This makes it much more likely that the people will respond to his advertising and visit the site that he is trying to promote.

The tech startup business at that helped to put Ressler’s name on the map was a cosmetics and skincare business called Dermstore. He got the idea for this site after he noticed that there were not many good places online for women to buy these types of products. He thought this was a perfect industry to get involved with because there was a severe lack of competition. Don Ressler always advises people to launch their startups in industries that do not have a massive amount of competition. He was able to secure the financial backing that he needed. Dermstore quickly took off and started to turn a profit for Ressler and all of his investors.

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Ressler did not have any interest in starting another site that sold cosmetics or skincare products. First of all, he already did that. Secondly, he would be competing with himself. Therefore, he made the wise decision to go into the athletic apparel business. He did some research and found out that this industry had been experiencing tremendous growth over the past few years. Fabletics proved once and for all that Don Ressler knows what he is talking about.