Brian Bonar: Serial Entrepreneur and Experienced Leader

Brian Bonar is a successful businessman and has many years of experience in the human resource sector. Bonar attended James Watt College where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Bonar then joined Stafford University where he earned his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Bonar started his career at IBM as a procurement manager and was responsible for the outsourcing of motherboards to other companies. He left IBM in 1985 after working there for 16 years and joined QMS as the director of engineering. His role saw him manage more than a hundred engineers in different departments within the company.

Bonar then left to join Rastek Corporation as the vice president of sales and marketing. He oversaw the global sales division of the printing technology company. Bonar joined Adaptec as a sales manager in 1993 but left after one year to start Bezier Systems.

His role as the CEO of Bezier saw him lead the company to launch the first SCSI printer. He joined Itec Imaging Technologies as the vice president of sales and marketing after a year at Bezier. Bonar was responsible for maintaining the company’s relationship with manufacturers in Asia.

Bonar started Dalrada Financial Services in 1999 and has been the CEO ever since. This is a professional employer organization. Bonar served as the President of Allegiant Professional Business Services from 2008 to 2010. He was in charge of sales and marketing and ensuring that the company maintained its relationship with insurance companies.

He started Trucept Inc. in 2011. It is his most successful company to date. Trucept is also a professional employer organization and offers various services to clients including employee insurance coverage and temporary staffing.

2016 was an excellent year for Trucept. Their profits increased by more than 30% in the first half of the year. Bonar mentioned that he had reduced operating expenses by $1 million by streamlining the internal processes of the company.

This is what caused their profits to skyrocket. Trucept also released a mobile app which they described as the Uber for staffing. The app allows businesses to connect with on-demand workers who are available for work in the area.

The company’s success has overshadowed that of its competitors even though it is undervalued. The company is expected to grow even more in the future with Bonar at the helm.

Bonar also owns Bellamy’s, a restaurant in Escondido, San Diego. The restaurant has attracted experienced staff including Patrick Ponsaty who is a Master French Chef.

This is an honor that is reserved for the best chefs in the world. Bellamy’s has been a favorite of many people in the area because of its quality service and a vast selection of cuisine. Bonar has received several accolades throughout his career and was recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who in America list in the year 2000.

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