The Simple Way This Reputation Company Turned Things Around

The internet has made it pretty hard to keep your life private, especially when you exist under public scrutiny such as many high profile public figures. That is why companies like Status Labs, who focus on online reputation management, have begun to grow and thrive in the digital age. Being a professional in the realm of reputation management doesn’t mean that you are immune to running into issues of your own, however, as Status Labs found out.

Status Labs is headlined by President, and co-founder, Darius Fisher. Fisher has played an integral part in growing the company to the point that it is today with clients all over the world and a dedicated office based out of Austin, Texas.

Fisher focused on a few essential areas in order to turn his company back around before things could go sour. The first thing the company did was sever ties with the offending executive through a unanimous call for his resignation. From there they began their own PR offensive. They released an open letter to their employees detailing how the company was aiming to rebound.

The next thing that Fisher needed to do was address the public. Convincing his employees that things were going to be okay was one thing, talking to the public was another. So Fisher addressed the problem head on and immediately began taking steps to promote an image change. He started getting his company more involved with local charities such as Carnitas or Urban Roots. Then Fisher went on to implement more employee to employee events in order to create genuine good will among his group.

With a public profile and a positive presence it was easy enough to get the public back on his side. From there Status Labs used that positive energy to create lasting, positive change.

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