Makari Leading the way with Skin Whitening Creams

Makari is a skin care, hair care and cosmetic company that is based in Switzerland where the products are manufactured. Its higher end beauty products are geared to women of color. A great deal of their products contain highly nourishing and natural ingredients such as argan oil, vitamins and carrot extract.

Makari has several products that lighten darker skin tones such as exfoliating scrubs, skin toners and moisturizing day and night creams. Customers who wish to lighten skin will find a variety of products that they will find effective without harsh bleaches or chemicals. In addition to catering to lightening skin tones, Makari has a full line of cosmetics to bring out and enhance African American facial features. Lipsticks, foundation and eye shadows and liners are just some of the beauty products featured available in a variety of tones and shades to match any darker complexion.

Additionally, Makari has skin care products that not only indulge darker tones, but enhance moisturization. Lightening skin creams and evening out skin tones is a major feature of Makari’s products. However, many products are available to simply enhance, tone and firm the skin like other cosmetic products. Makari specializes in darker complexions because no other high end beauty products in existence address dark skin with such an array of high quality products. These products are developed and manufactured with high quality standards. Ingredients straight from nature are purified and included in all skincare, makeup, and hair care products they sell.

Newer products now include exfoliating bar soap, extreme carrot and argan lotions and creams and skincare sets. Sets include toners and moisturizers to meet the needs of dry or blemish prone skin. Several products are available to lighten dark tones and reduce brown spots that age skin. Finally, there is pampering and enriching skin care and lightening products exclusively for you, the beautiful dark beauties of the world.

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