Eric Pulier Started Rolling The Ball For Success Early On

Eric Pulier is know for his technological background and talents as well as his innovation for new software. On top of this, he is a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, and philanthropist who is recognized around the world. Today, he is a Chief Executive at Stemulis, a position he recently started on in the middle of 2015.

The real start to Eric Pulier’s career was in elementary school when he was learning to encode computers and program. All throughout school, Eric was demonstrating his impressive talent for technology, especially when he launched his only database business during high school. After finishing out high school in New Jersey, Eric went on to study at the prestigious Harvard University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree.

As a specialist in technology, Eric Pulier has successfully co founded or founded more than a dozen different companies. He has a host of different titles among different board memberships, such as Chief Technology Officer of Santa Monica Media, Chairman at US Interactive, and Executive Chairmen at Logic Library and Soa Software.

Pulier is an active philanthropist and has continually worked to create the needed solutions for less fortunate areas around the United States as well as internationally. Eric even made generous contributions to pioneer a private schooling network known as the Starlight Foundation.

As a member for the Clinton Global Initiatives, Eric also took action by starting off a project to start using networks of remote servers that are hosted on the internet to gather data, called cloud computing. This is much better than using local servers or supplying single computers to communities that are under-served. He also worked with the US Doctors for Africa by bringing in advancements to the health maintenance and improving the overall medical services available within Africa. An even more impressive show of his dedication philanthropy is that he is a large benefactor for the Campaign for Free College Tuition, a program set up to offer free college to any Americans throughout the country.

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