DIVERSANT LLC and Principal Executive John Goullet Make Their Mark

DIVERSANT is an African-American owned company which provides IT solutions and staffing for a wide range of companies. It is run by founder and CEO Gene Waddy, Chief Executive Officer, John Goullet, Principal, and Chief Operations Officer Jim Yoshimura. DIVERSANT is the largest African-American owned firm of its type and continues to grow by leaps and bounds even in these challenging economic times. The three driving forces behind DIVERSANT have almost 90 years of combined experience in Information Technology, staffing, and entrepreneurship.

DIVERSANT does more than just link companies large and small with the skilled array of diverse workers. They also offer a range of programs designed to help people get the skills needed to find lucrative IT careers. Fortune 500 companies engage DIVERSANT because of the company’s excellent track record. DIVERSANT has also developed a number of transformative workforce and supply chain diversity programs. Those programs include STAR which helps U.S. veterans and the UNITY program which links small minority business with large corporation which need the skills and services the companies offer and can provide valuable mentoring to help them to grow.

Goullet is one of the powerful forces behind the success of DIVERSANT. An entrepreneur with extensive experience in IT consulting, Goullet founded the IT staffing company Info Technologies and grew it into a $30 million a year business. The company was among the list of America’s fastest growing firms that was privately held. He has also developed a number of other successful IT ventures. When he switched his attention to staffing services in 1994, he had great success in that arena as well.

With Info Technologies listed as Inc. Magazine’s 8 fastest growing private company and 16 years experience working in staffing, Goullet identified another emerging trend. The need for minority IT staffing. So he merged Info Technologies with Gene Waddy’s DIVERSANT Inc. Together they created the nationally-certified, largest African-American owned Minority Business Enterprise in the United States, DIVERSANT LLC. This new business venture has enabled entrepreneur John to continue to create new ways to provide lucrative employment opportunities in the growing IT marketplace.

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Susan McGalla: A strong and successful woman to inspire others to reach for the stars

It’s hard to find women in high ranking positions at companies. Why is this? Due to it being male dominated, there has been little growth when it comes to women in charge. It is shown that if women were to hold higher positions the diversity would help companies outperform others due to fresh new ideas and perspectives.


Susan McGalla is beating the odds and is a very successful businesswoman. She has inspired countless women to pursue their dreams of becoming leaders and succeeding at it. Her father was a football coach and she grew up with two brothers. They did not treat her differently because she was a girl and that has served her well. She can work comfortably with both women and men, and that has made her immensely successful.


There are lot of programs and networks out there for women, but they are not addressing the root of the problem which is that women need to support each other. Especially women in high ranking positions need to sponsor and mentor others who are just getting started. There needs to be intensives for those trying to climb the latter and men also can benefit from supporting these women. As they say, businesses will outperform others with powerful women leaders on their side.


An American businesswoman and executive consultant, Susan McGalla is a inspiration and a leader. She was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio and received a Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing at Mount Union College. She has worked in high ranked positions at big companies including Wet Seal Inc. and American Eagle Outfitters.


She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan sits on the boards of Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation and HFF Inc. She is married to wealth manager Stephen McGalla.


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The Recruiting Ability of Yanni Hufnagel

Being successful in the world of college basketball requires being multi talented. Coaches today are expected to not only win games but also recruit, develop talent and maintain a clean program. There are lots of coaches fail to make it in this tough world. One coach that has been able to succeed in this world is Yanni Hufnagel. Hufnagel has built an incredible reputation for being a great recruiter and player developer.


Hufnagel began his career in Oklahoma. Hufnagel was a graduate assistant that got an opportunity to work with the basketball program. During this time he helped to develop a future NBA all star in Blake Griffin. Hufnagel’s work with Griffin earned him a lot of attention. It would simply be the beginning of his success.


After Oklahoma Yanni Hufnagel would move to Harvard University. While at Harvard Hufnagel would continue to demonstrate his ability to develop players. He would work directly with two future professional players, Jeremy Lin and Wesley Saunders. Harvard would also began to win a lot of games. The team made it to the NCAA tournament on multiple occasions during Hufnagel’s tenure there. Coaches and members of the college basketball work were beginning to take notice of Hufnagel.


After Harvard Hufnagel would have a number of other stops. He would work at California University, Vanderbilt and Nevada. He had the opportunity to work with well known coaches like Kevin Stallings and Cuonzo Martin. He was instrumental in recruiting and developing a number of very good players including Jaylen Brown, Ivan Rabb, Matthew Fisher-Davis and Wade Baldwin IV. Hufnagel has had great success and is respected by many in the college basketball world. With his incredible resume, it should be simply a matter of time before Yanni Hufnagel is a head coach at a major university.

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Brian Bonar Has His Own Take On Investing In Europe

Brian Bonar certainly paid attention to the French presidential election and he’s become a major investor in the European economy. The newly elected president is Emmanuel Marcon who won due to drawing a much more leftist and moderate line than his opponent Marie Le Pen, but also because his economic policies are thought to be better for Europe overall.

With his election Bonar believes that Europe-based ETFs may see a good recovery ahead even if not a fast one. The Euro has seen its value lower than the US dollar, but with potentially new developments in this upcoming administration and a diverse economy now seems to be a good time to buy ETFs.

Brian Bonar is a well-known business magnate in the San Diego area where he has run the Dalrada Financial Corporation for many years, though recently he’s retired and taken more of a backseat role there. Bonar originally lived in Scotland and studied business and mechanical engineering at Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

He then completed an MBA at Staffordshire and was working in the marketing and procurement departments at IBM UK Ltd. After working there for 17 years, Bonar became a managing director at QMS Services. From there he moved on to printing and copying with companies such as Adaptec, Rastek, and Bezier Systems and was part of the development of a SCSI printer in the 1990s.

Brian Bonar became a pioneer of professional employer organizations (PEOs) when he founded ITEC Imaging Technologies in 1994. This company started out as a printing and office supplies distributor, but later offered onsite installations and managed network services.

In 2004 Brian Bonar had the company name changed to Dalrada Financial Corporation and also partnered it with SourceOne Group and Solvis. Bonar also served on the boards of the Amanda Company and Allegiant Professional Services during this time.

In 2010 Bonar and the Dalrada Financial Corporation bought out Trucept Inc. to provide PEO services to small businesses that included outsourced accounting, tax statements and employee benefits. They also bought Smart-Tek Solutions to provide automated technology.

According to Bloomberg, In 2013 Brian Bonar stepped down from being a full-time CEO and Chairman to then focusing on investments both in foreign ETFs and in local restaurant startups. He began buying local pubs and small restaurants and turning them into great tasting cuisines, and he hired the award-winning Master Chef of France Patrick Ponsaty to come manage Bellamy’s, a variety cuisine in downtown Escondido, CA.

Bonar also is the new owner of the Bandy Canyon Ranch tourist resort just outside of Escondido which he has taken to renovating recently.

Ricardo Tosto is a Skilled Civil and Corporate Lawyer with a Remarkable Reputation in Brazil

In a country where there are so many complex civil and commercial laws, procuring the services of a prominent lawyer is very essential if one hopes to win a case. From 1822, there have been several legislative changes although the bases on which all such laws are built are the same civil or legal codes. Over the years, the Brazilian laws had borrowed significantly from the traditions and legal presidents found in other countries like France and Germany. In all the 26 states in the country, there are differences in the interpretations of the legal statutes, but all of the laws are regulated by the Supreme Federal Court.

There are many reputable law agencies and lawyers in Brazil, Some of the attorneys are well versed in general corporate statutes, immigration laws. One such lawyer is Ricardo Tosto whose law firm known as Advogados enjoys immense popularity and recognition. He is a co-founder as well as a senior partner, and due to his skills and competence in interpreting various statutes, the law firm is quite successful. Most of the clients Ricardo serves are prominent personalities in both business and political circles. He has an exceptional record of successfully tackling very challenging cases, and for that his services are much sought after in the whole country.

The areas in which he specializes include but is not limited to high-profile private civil cases, lawsuits involving employers and employees, administrative law, corporate and commercial legislation, compliance law and civil suits. He is considered to be one of the most accomplished lawyers in Brazil due to his excellent academic qualifications. He graduated with honors from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University, and from the prestigious Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, he obtained a degree in administrative law. He is a respected legal consultant, and for over thirty years now he has consistently assisted valuable customers from various public and private organizations. He enjoys full recognition at the Brazilian Bar Association where he is a prominent member. When it comes to major class action litigation and significant national issues, Ricardo Tosto is considered the foremost expert to know more visit @ http://whoswholegal.com/profiles/51546/0/tosto/ricardo-tosto/.

WIT Students are Immersed in their Chosen Careers

Students at WIT engage in active research and engineering projects that connect them to industry and academic contacts. While gaining real-world experience during their education at the Wessex Institute of Technology, they also get the opportunity to impress potential employers.The WIT Press offers one avenue of exposure. Primary researchers utilize their graduate assistant researchers and proteges as co-authors, meaning that WIT graduates have a very real chance to graduate with published works to their credit.

WIT conferences offer students networking and collaborative opportunities in addition to the learning experience of writing, publishing and presenting research to R & D teams from both Academia and Industry.The very nature of Wessex Institute of Technology conferences lends itself to networking. As a conduit for research-only and professional innovators publishing and designing together, our exceptional students will interact with literal dozens of experts in their chosen fields and come away from the Institute with a tremendous amount of experience that sets them apart from other recent grads with a simple degree.


Adam Milstein Has Been an Adept Advocate for Israel & the Jewish Culture, Making Him the Top Philanthropist

Adam Milstein has cut a niche in the real estate sector of the U.S. His firm, Hager Pacific Properties, manages properties worth billions of dollars across the country. Just as he has excelled in real estate, Adam is a well-known philanthropist. His generosity was recently honored as his name featured in the list of Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs Top 200.


Philanthropic Works


Adam and his wife actively run the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that invests in students from Israel living across the world, helping them learn about their Jewish culture. The foundation also helps them establish connections with Israel, their home country. Many students have passed through the organization, and it is evident that they have largely benefited. Adam has been keen in helping establish a good relationship between Israel and the United States. This is why he started the Israeli-American Council that works towards achieving that relationship. Adam also uses the council to influence the development of a foreign policy that will benefit Israel and the Jewish people at large. To further help the Jewish people learn their culture, he has made many publications concerning the heritage. Adam has not relented in emphasizing on the need to learn how to read and write in Hebrew. Adam is also a voice for the marginalized groups across the globe, and he has used every chance he gets to fight for them. Adam understands their pleas well, considering that his wife was a Moroccan immigrant to the United States. Adam Milstein does not lead from the desk; he gets himself actively involved with the charitable missions. This trait make Adam stand out from other philanthropists and real estate moguls

About Adam Milstein


Adam Milstein’s background education includes an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the reputable University Of Southern California. He holds an Industrial & Business Management degree certificate from the Israel Institute of Technology.

Adam Milstein heads a real estate company, Hager Pacific Properties, as the chief executive. His mandate is to implement the firm’s strategic plan. He also offers his guidance in the financing and accounting operations of the company.

Rona Borre; How To Build A Successful Recruitment And Staffing Company

Today, women play a vital role in the effective management of institutions and corporations. Women bring along with them unique management styles and a keener eye for detail. Rona Borre is an example of women who have defied all the odds to claim their space in the corporate world that was initially dominated by their male counterparts. Her journey to the pinnacle of success in business has been marked hard work and passion.

Rona Borre is the brainchild of Instant Alliance. Instant Alliance is a company that scouts for talent and skills in individuals and pairs them up with firms that need this personnel. Since the year 2011, when the company came to life, many organizations have benefited from the outstanding services that it has to provide. Instant Alliance has helped pair up businesses with some of the most skilled individuals, and in return, its growth has been on a steady upward curve.

Renowned media outlets such as CNN, BBC and CNBC have featured Rona Borre’s outstanding business model and success in the business world. One of the reasons why Instant Alliance has recorded remarkable growth is the fact that Rona Borre believes in providing quality solutions for her clients. In the ever-competitive business world, what makes an enterprise retain its customers is the quality of the product or service it gives. Check on ideamensch.com to read this recent interview with Borre.

Rona Borre draws a lot of inspiration from the Chief People Officer of McDonald’s David Fairhurst. David has done a lot to transform his organization by incorporating culture in the design of products. His products are centered around people.

Rona Borre started his career in recruitment and staffing immediately she left college. She worked with an agency whose responsibility was acquiring talented individuals and connecting them with organizations that were hiring. This opportunity jump-started her career in the recruitment and staffing sector. A few years later when the company she worked with got acquired, she decided to begin her own business. She built Instant Alliance brand that has kept growing over the years.  Learn more about the company and Borre, visit instantalliance.com

Rona believes that the future of various businesses in the internet age will be determined by how the companies leverage analytics and big data to improve their operating efficiency.

To read more click  https://conferences.shrm.org/presenter/rona-borre

Rick Smith Secures Society with Securus Technologies

When it comes to civil and criminal justice technologies and solutions for ensuring public safety, investigating crimes, and monitoring corrections facilities, one prominent name that comes up is Mr. Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith. He is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Securus Technologies; this is a leading for-profit company founded in 1986 (based in Dallas Texas), committed to public safety. In fact, prominent public safety organizations and corrections facilities constantly rely on the solutions provided by Securus Technologies, to help them ensure proper investigation and resolution of civil and criminal matters. Follow Rick at LinkedIn.com.

According to PRNewswire, on Jan 7, 2016, Securus announced that it had added a senior sales executive to develop high-tech software based sales team. This way, Securus Technologies could more effectively expedite expanding its Portfolio of over 800 existing law enforcement and corrections products! It comes as no surprise that in the same year, Mr. Smith announced that, “We have invested $600 million [dollars] in the acquisition and development of several hundred safety, security, and efficiency related products over the last three (3) years. For that reason, we needed to add a key sales resource, with experience related to transforming and evolving sales teams, so that we can effectively present our expanded product set.” Hence, Mr. John Bell was asked to join Securus Technologies as Senior Vice President of Sales. Mr. Bell brought with him an outstanding 35-year career in business, which serves as the cornerstone of his professional talents and portfolio. In fact, a significant part of that impressive 35-year career was his experience at IBM.

As a consequence of these strategic business decisions, it is no wonder why Securus Technologies has been able to catapult its industry position and product portfolio to the top of the charts. Through his committed passion for public safety, Mr. Smith’s Securus Technologies has helped countless agencies protect and serve our communities by ensuring the highest security standards and cutting edge technologies available to combat crime. In fact, Mr. Smith’s company employs at least 1000 people and is reported to have contracts with around 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States alone! Securus Technologies does thousands of security and monitoring contracts with the Canadian government as well. Mr. Smith says, “If our corrections and law enforcement partners understand everything that we offer – we would win every new contract and never lose a contract.” He goes on to further state that, “What we offer has changed dramatically – much more complex with sophisticated safety, security, and productivity tools, as well as an investigative suite …” Mr. Rick Smith also states that his company receives thousands of letters and emails from loyal and highly satisfied customers, about the services and products, received. Read more on Crunchbase.com.

Professor of Comparative Law- Sujit Choudhry

He is a recognized attorney in the world who primarily majors in comparative constitutional law and politics. Sujit Choudhry is not a practicing lawyer, but he has been involved in the making of the constitution of several nations including Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Ukraine, and South Africa. He is also a motivational speaker who speaks in summits and conferences advising on the same issue of comparative law. Professor Sujit is an I Michael Hayman Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law. The professor of law has been carrying out an extensive range of study on comparative constitutional and politics. His research revolves around the constitutional design as equipment to deal with violence and convert it to peace.  See  constitutionaltransitions.org for some relevant articles.

According to fundacity.com, Professor Choudhry is also an author who has published over ninety books, several working papers, and reports on law putting more emphasis on comparative law. Some of the books the professor has written include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, Constitutional Design for Divided Societies.  Additional reading here., The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution, Integration, and Constitution-Making.

Sujit Choudhry is a leader who has been at the forefront of changing the face of the legal in the industry particularly the comparative constitution and political law.  Follow Sujit on his linkedin.com page.  In his career in the legal sector, he has served as the Dean of the University of California. He has been several positions of leadership as either a member of the Board or the Director. Some of the post includes International Society of Public Law where he is an Executive Committee member, other are, the International Advisory Board of the Institute for Integrated Transitions, the Scientist Advisory Board of the International Journal of Constitutional Law among many others.

Professor Sujit Choudhry is the founder of the Center for Constitution Transition. The organization was established with a primary purpose of assembling as well as generating knowledge in support of the constitutional building. The constitutional organization has been combining its forces with other agencies including NGO’s, Universities, and think tanks to complete its projects. Ever since its foundation the Constitution has expanding working with more than 50 organizations in more than 25 nations all over the world.  Have a glimpse of his timeline activities, hit on crunchbase.com.

Informative article here on http://www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/CenterforConstitutionalTransitions17.htm

Wengie Your Way Thin


Wengie, the popular Australian-Chinese beauty blogger, whose YouTube channel boasts over a million subscribers, has carved her place out in the beauty-verse from the comfort of her bedroom. Her warm and light hearted videos feature how-to’s and small cultural caveats across the beauty vlogger continuum, from Korean makeup tricks to the ever-present “Boyfriend does my makeup” video.


In several videos, Wengie addresses some of the most common questions about beauty’s twin sister, fitness. While Wengie doesn’t put forward any hard and fast fitness tips or routines she does dig out her workout gear and explain her fitness philosophy. Move. That’s it. And while this may seem like an overly simplified “fitness” principle, studies suggest that our sedentary lifestyles are a leading cause of weight gain, death, and chronic disease. So Wengie aptly named her fitness video “Fitness Routine Ideas for Lazy People”.


In it, Wengie admits to hating the gym and becoming anxious at the thought of strenuous exercises. She doesn’t want to climb Everest or run a marathon. She wants to fit into cute clothes, avoid illness and be able to get up in the morning without pain. It is safe to say that most people share her ambitions and reticence towards labor intensive fitness programs. The solution is simple, according to Wengie, incorporate movement into every hour of every day. Pick up socks, go for a walk, use a standing desk, make small lifestyle changes that keep your body moving.


Most people already have a six pack,” she tell us. Your beach body is simply buried under a layer of fat. She reminds the audience that body builders spend 70% of their energy on proper nutrition and only 30% of their effort goes to working out.


To that end, she has several diet-related videos outlining everyday eating tips and special “diets” that you can use to help shed a few extra pounds. Both her YouTube channel and her blog are body positive and devoid of fat shaming on the issue of fitness so feel free to swing by and check it out no matter the shape of the skin you are in.